Angelic Diptych by Joyce van der Lely

Angelic Diptych

This is a beautiful, delicate and Mindful project.
Create your own little shrine and enclose a beautiful message of hope or a wish. The project comes with templates and step by step instructions for you to easily follow along.

Supply List:

Feel free to adapt to your own supply stash and choose the colours you like
* 2 small canvasses 5 x 7 inch / single thick – 
* white tissue paper 
* matt gel
* white gesso
* 2 small (brass) hinges with screws or nails
* screwdriver or hammer to attach the hinges
* watersoluble pencil to draw your image on.
* assorted paints for the project.
* Assorted brushes. 
* 2 rusty screws and a bit of string as a closure, or source a nice closure (optional) 
* your choice of varnish.     
Joyce is an Artist, Creativity and Mindset Guide for Multipassionate Changemakers seeking Freedom and Independence.
An intuitive, creative, Renaissance soul herself, she learned the deeper value of Creativity is the answer to harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.