Joyce is an Artist, Creativity and Mindset Guide for Multipassionate Changemakers seeking Freedom and Independence.
An intuitive, creative, Renaissance soul herself, she learned the deeper value of Creativity is the answer to harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.

Hello! this is Joyce :)

Wonderful to meet you here! Let me introduce myself: I'm an Artist, a Creativity and Mindset Guide. The face behind the Fierce Female Force and creator of the Find your Force programs for Multi-passionate Changemakers.
A very long story short: After losing almost all in the devastating Christchurch earthquakes of 2010/2011, I managed to rise back up and turn the odds in my favor. 
As an intuitive, creative, Renaissance soul myself, I learned to understand the deeper value of my Creativity. It has brought harmony of Mind, Body and Soul. My passion is Freedom, independence for all that seek this too. I love weaving creative threads into every aspect of life and work. I'm also a Dutchie, living in New Zealand with my partner and two teenage kids.